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HTC is not making a smartwatch


HTC has confirmed that it is not building an Android Wear smartwatch, shutting down rumors that have swirled since an HTC smartwatch appeared in leaked photos last week. The confirmation came from an interview that Tbreak Media conducted with HTC’s President of Smartphones and Connected Devices, Chialing Chang.

Chang stated that “we’re not going to have an Android watch”. Android Police subsequently reached out to HTC, which confirmed that the statement was accurate.

Android Police has since learned from a different source that the leaked smartwatch is an old prototype that is no longer under development.

It’s unsurprising that HTC is moving away from Android Wear and smartwatches as a whole. The segment has struggled to gain significant consumer interest, showing lackluster sales. HTC, with its delicate financial situation, cannot afford to take unnecessary risks by investing into wearables.

Via: Android Police

Source: Tbreak Media

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