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HTC ‘Ocean Note’ leaks hint at phone with secondary display


HTC has a major event in the works, with its “For U” unveiling set to take place on January 12. At the event, it’s expected that the manufacturer will showcase a brand new flagship handset.

That device may have found its way online ahead of the announcement thanks to a post over on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. The photos appear to showcase an unannounced HTC-branded smartphone, where a protruding camera can be seen on the back. Capacitive Recent Apps and Back buttons flank the hardware Home button, which will likely serve as a fingerprint reader as well.


The main takeaway from the published images are a secondary display above the main display. One of the photographs shows us a series of app icons for things like the camera, Twitter, and other apps. The other image indicates that when the main display is off, the secondary display can still show the time, date, and battery percentage.


Rumors have swirled that HTC plans on unveiling the codename “Ocean Note” at the upcoming January 12 event, so it’s certainly possible this is that handset. Of course, nothing is official just yet.

If this is indeed the Ocean Note, what do you think of HTC’s upcoming flagship?


Source: Weibo

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