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Hugo Barra departing from Xiaomi

Hugo Barra giving keynote address for day one of Google I/O 2011

Hugo Barra left Google and joined Xiaomi as vice president of international over three and a half years ago. He moved from Silicon Valley to Beijing and worked for the Chinese company, helping them expand internationally and led them to success.

Xiaomi entered the Indian market and turned it into $1 billion of annual revenue. It’s also expanded to many more markets and launched its first product in the US. Xiaomi has seen great success with Hugo Barra.

He has posted on Facebook that he is now leaving Xiaomi, though, aiming to move back to Silicon Valley. He will remain an adviser to Xiaomi indefinitely but he says he wishes to come back to Silicon Valley to his family and friends.

We wish Hugo Barra the best in his future endeavors and are excited to see what he does next!

Source: Facebook: Hugo Barra

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