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LG G6 rumored to have sealed battery, Google Assistant over Amazon Alexa


The LG G6 is looking to be a big departure from the previous models, though this can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing. The latest rumor claims that not only will the G6 not be modular like the G5, but that it will have a non-removable battery in exchange for water resistance

LG’s usage of removable batteries was a huge plus to many people, but that will likely be gone with the G6. It’s very unfortunate because it’s getting harder and harder to find a flagship device with a removable battery these days.

Other details are that LG will be going with Google Assistant over Amazon Alexa, though the latter could be added to other LG phones. The G6 will be the first non-Pixel device to feature Assistant.

The device will also feature an older Snapdragon 821 over the 835, which Samsung is said to be using for its next devices. While folks will be upset about this, it will allow LG to release the G6 earlier than its competition.

What do you think about the latest G6 rumors? Is the non-removable battery a deal breaker, or is water resistance worth the tradeoff? What about the older processor? Leave a comment!

Source: CNET

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