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LG G6 will include heat pipes to prevent overheating


The Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be one of the biggest stories in mobile in years, with several units catching fire and Samsung ultimately deciding to discontinue the flagship device. Now LG has announced that it’s taking steps to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to the G6.

LG has confirmed that the G6 will include copper heat pipes meant to help keep the inside of the device cool. LG is also designing the internals of the G6 so that the parts that produce the most heat are as far apart as possible so that heat doesn’t concentrate in one area.

“We will significantly improve the safety and quality of our new flagship smartphones as more consumers seek safe smartphones,” said Lee Seok-jong of LG Electronics.


LG isn’t stopping there, though. The company is also putting the G6 through even more rigorous testing than is required by international standards by conducting heat exposure tests that use a temperature 15 percent higher than required by the standards of US and Europe. “The battery also undergoes diverse tests such as piercing it with a sharp nail or dropping a heavy object on it from a high place,” an LG official added.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a really solid phone, but the whole catching fire thing ended up sinking the device. Obviously LG doesn’t want that to happen with the G6, so the company is doing all it can to prevent the G6 from burning up. Plus, the company could point out the G6’s heat pipes and extra tests to consumers to try and assuage any fears that they might have about other smartphones overheating.

Source: Korea Herald

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