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Mighty Cast launches Nex Evolution and collaborative Ingress Mod Band

Nex Band

Mighty Cast, a Montreal-based wearable startup, has announced its second generation of wearable bands. This new line includes the Nex Evolution and, as part of a collaboration with Niantic, the Ingress Mod Band, a wearable designed specifically to accompany and enhance gameplay in Ingress. This collaboration makes the Ingress Mod Band the first wearable accessory to accompany one of the world’s largest augmented reality online games.

The Nex Evolution is a wearable band that’s targeted towards Millennials and Gen Z customers who have a penchant for change. The device is simple, and includes five programmable, touch sensitive buttons, called Mods, that can be quickly customized and changed to suit user needs. Through the Nex app, users can quickly use Mods to control music, send messages, interact with games and more. The band also tracks steps, calories and distance, and communicates through notifications with custom light and vibration patterns. Battery life is rated for two to three days of usage and the device features IPX7 water resistance.

The Ingress Mod Band brings in all of the same features of the Nex Evolution and also runs through the Nex app. But as part of the collaboration, the Ingress Mod Band features specific hacks for Ingress, such as Faction Mods for faction or team-specific notifications. Users can also quickly share specific game locations with the Map Mods. More Mods are available and with its hackable design, a world of possibilities awaits.

Availability has yet to be announced, but the Nex Evolution has been revealed to be priced at $79.99.

Show Press Release
January 5, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV: Today Mighty Cast is introducing its second generation Nex Band called “Evolution” and announcing its collaboration with Niantic Labs’ Ingress game at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The collaboration with Ingress includes a limited edition wearable called the “Ingress Mod Band” made specifically for one of the largest location-based and multiplayer online games in the world.

The Nex Evolution is the first “hackable” smartband targeted for the GenZ and Millennial demographic. The Evolution offers complete creative control and adapts to your lifestyle. Hacking Nex takes seconds allowing everyday users to create a new smartband every day, hour, or minute.

The limited edition Ingress Mod Band is created specifically as an accessory to Niantic’s mobile game, Ingress. The Mod Band features all of the same functionalities as the Nex Evolution and runs off of the Nex app, but will include additional hacks specific to the Ingress experience.

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