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T-Mobile aims to simplify billing and give credit to low data users with Un-carrier Next


T-Mobile today took to the CES 2017 stage to introduce Un-carrier Next, four years after revealing the first Un-carrier move.

Un-carrier Next is aimed at rate plans and helping to simplify them. The latest Un-carrier move is made up of three main features:

  • Taxes all-in with T-Mobile One: With the new T-Mobile One plan, all taxes and fees are included with the advertised price. That means that for the $70 single line T-Mo One plan, you’ll pay exactly $70 per month, rather than $70 plus some added taxes and fees.
  • KickBack: Think of KickBack sort of like Google’s Project Fi. For each line that uses 2GB of data or less in a month, T-Mobile will give you a $10 credit per line (up to 12 lines) on your next bill.
  • Un-contract: T-Mobile will not change the price of a customer’s T-Mobile One plan unless the customer decides to change it.

Starting January 22, existing T-Mobile One customers and Simple Choice customers can switch to the new T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included. Meanwhile, KickBack is available to existing T-Mobile One customers, but you will need to opt-in to it through the T-Mobile app or account website.

Finally, T-Mobile today announced a new promotion. T-Mo says that it’s giving consumers a “second rebate” by giving switchers $150 per line (up to 12 lines) for every line you switch to a T-Mobile One plan. There’s no trade-in or equipment financing required.

Source: T-Mobile

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