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TAG Heuer Connected outsold expectations, next model coming in May

TAG Heuer Connected

The TAG Heuer Connected is a pricey Android Wear smartwatch out of the reach of most smartwatch customers. The base models start at $1,500, and models can go as high as $10,000 with options like rose gold.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver recently spoke about how the watch sold. The company expected to sell 20,000 units and, despite its high price, has sold 56,000 units to date. Despite smartwatch popularity always being bleak in the eyes of the public, TAG Heuer outsold expectations twice over.

Biver also spoke about the next models that should launch in May. The biggest update is the inclusion of NFC for mobile payments. He also mentions better displays, longer battery life, a more accurate GPS connection, and a smaller women’s model. It won’t be a huge upgrade, but rather an update to the previous model.

TAG Heuer is also planning to employ 8-12 people on the Intel campus to establish communication with Silicon Valley. Despite the design of the watches being done in Switzerland, the company is working with Intel chips.

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Source: nzz.ch

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