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Verizon going even further to prevent Galaxy Note 7 use


We can’t say Verizon hasn’t tried. The carrier has recalled the Galaxy Note 7, offered incentives for people to switch to a different device, and even updated the device so it wouldn’t be able to charge. Yet people are still using it.

Verizon says that thousands of people are still using the Note 7 after avoiding the update that would permanently kill it. Since it’s still considered a dangerous device, Verizon is going to be taking a step that can’t be avoided by customers.

Verizon will redirect all non-911 calls coming from Note 7s to customer service. This is a carrier-side change, so users of the device won’t be able to avoid it. Verizon may also bill them for the device, since customers were reimbursed for it already.

If you’re still using a Note 7, remember that Verizon is still offering a waived upgrade fee and up to $100 in bill credit for turning it in and getting another device.

Source: Fortune

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