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ZTE apologizes about making Project CSX mid-range, asks how it can be fixed


Project CSX is an interesting concept of making a smartphone that can scroll the screen by tracking your eyes and sticking to a wall. It’s strange, we know, but the idea is that you can stick it to a wall or a mirror and read the screen while doing something else without touching the phone.

The device left the concept phase and hit Kickstarter, but it did so with disappointing specs. Instead of the high-end device that was expected during the concept phase, the phone ended up with a Snapdragon 625 processor and other mid-range specs to match the introductory price of $199. ZTE wanted it to be a phone that would reach more people, thus the affordable price.

People were unhappy about this, and ZTE has owned up to this mistake. The company says that the price is set in stone, but it can still make changes to the device. There is a poll about what people want to be changed, but there’s only so much the company can do while sticking to the budget price tag. One of the options is to upgrade the processor to a Snapdragon 835, which might please people.

If you’re interested, hit the source link and vote for your choice. And if you want one, join the Kickstarter!

Source: ZTE

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