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ZTE will launch an Android Wear watch with LTE this year


Up to this point, ZTE is one of the few companies that has yet to launch a smartwatch, but apparently that will change at some point this year.

In a new report from CNET, ZTE USA CEO Lixin Cheng has confirmed that his company will launch an Android Wear smartwatch before the end of 2017. Cheng also said that the device will have LTE on board and that it will work without being paired with a smartphone.

While Cheng was quiet on other important details, he did add that at least one wireless carrier in the United States has already agreed to launch the wearable when it arrives.

As for why ZTE has avoided launching a smartwatch up until this year, he said that there were a variety of factors that went into that decision, including battery life. But apparently the company has worked them out, because at some point this year we’ll see a ZTE-branded Android Wear smartwatch on the market.

Source: CNET

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