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Android Wear 2.0 update rolling out in the coming weeks

Android Wear 2 Developer Preview 3

As expected, Google has made not only Android Wear 2.0 officially official for the public, but also its two newest smartwatches: The LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style.

Google made both announcements on its official blog. It detailed the biggest new additions to Android Wear 2.0, including the arrival of Google Assistant, which will let owners ask the digital personal assistant to check the weather, use navigation, reserve a table at a restaurant, and more. It can be activated by either holding down the power button on the watch or simply saying, “Ok, Google.” It will be available in English and German at launch, with more language support coming soon.

Additionally, Android Wear 2.0 adds the ability to respond to more messages with handwriting recognition, dictation, or typing. The Play Store is now available directly on Android Wear 2.0, which means owners have more app options for their wearable. Google Fit is also pre-installed in Android Wear 2.0 as well, which will let owners track their pace, calories burned, distance and more.

Android Wear 2.0 promotes more personalized, helpful watch faces, letting owners glance at the watch face their prefer to get important information when they need it, including the weather, distance, and more, depending on the watch face equipped.

Google says that Android Wear 2.0 will roll out to some existing wearables over the coming weeks, and notes that some features are tied to hardware elements that might not be present on all current-generation Android Wear smartwatches.

Here are the current devices getting upgraded to Android Wear 2.0:

“Current watches getting Android Wear 2.0 include: ASUS ZenWatch 2 & 3, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, Casio PRO TREK Smart, Fossil Q Founder, Fossil Q Marshal, Fossil Q Wander, Huawei Watch, LG Watch R, LG Watch Urbane & 2nd Edition LTE, Michael Kors Access Smartwatches, Moto 360 2nd Gen, Moto 360 for Women, Moto 360 Sport, New Balance RunIQ, Nixon Mission, Polar M600 and TAG Heuer Connected.”

Is your Android Wear-based smartwatch getting the update?

Source: Google Blog

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