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AT&T expanding unlimited data plan to all beginning February 17

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Technically speaking, AT&T has been offering access to unlimited data for more than a year now, but there was one major caveat: Subscribers also had to ink a subscription for DirecTV to get it.

That’s changing beginning Friday, February 17, though. AT&T has officially announced that starting tomorrow, it will expand access to its unlimited data plan to all of its subscribers. One line will be priced at $100 per month, with lines two and three priced at $40 per month, per line. The fourth line is free, so AT&T is effectively charging $180 per month for four lines.

AT&T’s Unlimited Plan will include the Stream Saver feature, which caps streaming video at 480p, but customers can disable it if they choose. Additionally, AT&T confirms that customers will be able to travel to Canada and Mexico and be able to use their plans as they’d like, with no roaming charges to worry about.

One element that is missing from AT&T’s unlimited data offering: mobile hotspot. AT&T’s announcement does not mention mobile hotspot data being included, which is noteworthy because Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile all include some high-speed mobile hotspot access in their unlimited data plans.

Finally, AT&T notes that if a user goes over 22GB of data in a month, they may have their network speeds reduced, depending on network congestion.

Verizon recently announced its own unlimited data plan. That led T-Mobile and Sprint to tweak their own unlimited plans to better match the features offered by Verizon.

If you’re on AT&T, do you plan on switching to unlimited data?

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