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AT&T Unlimited Plus and Choice plans official, coming March 2

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The unlimited data war in the US continues this evening.

AT&T says that this Thursday, March 2, it’ll launch two new unlimited data plans. The first is Unlimited Plus, which starts at $90 per month for a single line with autopay and paperless billing and goes up to $145 per month for two lines and then $20 per line per month for additional lines.

With Unlimited Plus, you’ll get unlimited talk, text, and data, HD video streaming with Stream Saver turned off, and 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot with speeds slowed to 128Kbps after. After 22GB of usage, though, your speeds may be slowed during times of network congestion.

If you’d like to add a tablet or hotspot to your Unlimited Plus plan, you can do so at a rate of $20 per device per month. Smartwatches can be added for $10 per device per month.


AT&T is also offering deals on TV service to Unlimited Plus customers. Unlimited Plus customers that sign up for DirecTV, DirecTV Now, or U-verse TV can get a $25 monthly video credit on their bill. With this discount, Unlimited Plus with DirecTV Now will cost $100 per month, while Unlimited Plus with DirecTV will cost $115 per month.

Also launching on March 2 is the Unlimited Choice plan. This rate plan also offers unlimited talk, text, and data, but the data is capped at 3Mbps and video streaming tops out at 480p and 1.5Mbps.

Pricing for Unlimited Choice is $60 per month for a single line after autopay and paperless billing and $115 per month for two lines. From there, it’s an additional $20 per line per month. You can add tablets or hotspots for $20 per device per month or smartwatches for $10 per device per month.

This announcement comes days after AT&T announced that it was making its previous unlimited data plan available to all of its customers. The good news here is that AT&T’s new Unlimited Plus plan is an improvement over the previous plan, offering 10GB of hotspot like unlimited plans from other US carriers. And while Unlimited Choice may not sound like a very attractive plan to some of us, $60 for unlimited data could be a decent option for lighter users or folks that don’t stream a ton of video.

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