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Citi and Wells Fargo cards not compatible with Android Wear 2.0

Android Pay BofA

Android Wear 2.0 is coming soon, and one of the big benefits of the update is the inclusion of Android Pay for watches with NFC built in. You’ll be able to pay for things at compatible terminals with a tap of your wrist rather than pulling your phone or wallet out.

Unfortunately, there is a big caveat. Google’s support page for Android Wear says that all Citi and Wells Fargo cards that are usually compatible with Android Pay are not compatible with Android Wear 2.0. For some unexplained reason, the fact that it’s on a watch changes everything.

There is currently no official explanation for this, but this is an unfortunate limitation. Along with the fact that Android Pay for Wear won’t work when the watch is connected to a bootloader unlocked phone, a lot of people are being blocked from using Android Pay.

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Source: Google Support

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