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Cricket to start throttling unlimited data customers after 22GB


Cricket’s unlimited data plan has been truly unlimited. Though it’s limited to 8Mbps speeds, you still get as much data as you can use. Unfortunately, this is about to change.

Cricket has announced that it will be throttling unlimited data users after 22GB of data usage if the network is congested. This doesn’t mean that you’ll lose high speed data after 22GB, but you may be throttled depending on the network use around you. This practice will begin April 2.

Cricket is also releasing a new feature called Stream More at the same time, which will basically downgrade all streaming video to 480p. So you can “stream more” by streaming lower quality video. This is a good feature for many, but Cricket is making it opt-out rather than opt-in. It will be automatically enabled for everyone.

Looking ahead, the carrier announced that both WiFi calling and Voice over LTE will be coming later this year.

These are some big changes that are sure to upset some Cricket customers. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Source: Cricket

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