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Google Play Store being updated with developer-friendly tweaks


Google is improving the Play Store for Android, but rather than focus on the users this time around, the company is focusing on developers. It introduced some tweaks to help developers with apps, and games in particular, on the Play Store.

The first tweak is a change to the algorithm that promotes games. Rather than basing popularity strictly on installs, it will now take user engagement into account. This will push less popular apps that are getting a lot of use by dedicated fans further up in popularity and rankings.

Google is also allowing for strikethrough sales. Developers can run sales with the original price listed, which Google has noticed causes installs to go upĀ 3x-20x.

Lastly, Google will be creating editorial pages later this month. These editorial pages will be themed and hand picked rather than using any algorithms.

If you’re a developer, hit the source link for more info on the new features. If you’re a regular user, keep an eye out for Google’s editorial pages this month!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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