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LG teases water and dust resistance for G6 in new videos


The LG G6 is set to be debuted on February 26, an, building up to that, LG has been teasing the individual parts that will make up the flagship handset.

The latest batch includes a pair of videos the Life’s Good crew published to its official YouTube channel. They are both incredibly short, but they get the point across.

The first video measures in at 11 seconds and is entitled “Pool.” It teases water resistance, suggesting folks will be able to use the LG G6 while they enjoy a swim:

The second video measures in at only 7 seconds, and it’s entitled “Flour.” We get to see the outline of the LG G6 in some flour spread out over a board, and the description of the video reads, “Stay apart from the particles.”

Quick and to the point, and not very fancy. Still, LG has been working hard on the hype machine for the G6, even as it keeps getting photographed in the wild. Is it working on you? Are you looking forward to seeing the announcement net week?

Source: LG Mobile (YouTube)

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