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LG Watch Sport band contains antennas, can’t be replaced


The LG Watch Sport has a ton of features like NFC, GPS, LTE, a heartrate sensor, a barometer, and more. All of these features require space and antennas, and apparently LG couldn’t fit everything into the body of the watch without making it massive (and it’s already huge).

This led to a bunch of antennas being installed in the watch band, which is screwed into the body and can’t be replaced. You don’t want to lose your antennas. There’s a chance that aftermarket companies will make replacements with the proper antennas, but it’s unlikely and would surely be pricey.

If you’re not a fan of the stock band, you might want to skip on the LG Watch Sport. You’re not going to be able to install a fancy metal mesh band on this watch. Plus, any damage to the band will result in more expensive repair fees and a loss in signal, so that’sĀ another thing to keep in mind.

Source: Android Police

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