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Moto announces new Moto Mods, one with Amazon Alexa support

Moto Mods Amazon Alexa

Amazon‘s Alexa, the digital personal assistant, has certainly expanded beyond Amazon-branded products like the Echo smart speaker.

That trend continues with a new announcement out of Moto from Mobile World Congress 2017. The company has confirmed that it is set to launch a variety of new Moto Mods, the modular accessories for the Moto Z flagship line, in the first half of this year.

The most notable new addition to the Mods lineup is one that supports Amazon’s Alexa. The Mod will allow users to simply ask the digital personal assistant for updates on the news, request a ride from ride-hailing services like Lyft, and control your smart home accessories.

Moto also announced that it will be directly integrating Alexa into its smartphones beginning later this year, but didn’t reveal too much in that regard.

More Moto Mods set to arrive a little later this year. They include a Moto Power Pack that will instantly add 50 percent more battery life to your smartphone without adding any bulk. It also has a “special efficiency mode,” which will automatically charge your phone to keep efficiency at its peak. Moto says it will launch in the United States sometime in March for $49 USD.

There are others on the way, too. That includes a wireless charging Moto Mod, a Turbo Power Moto Mod, and a charging adaptor. The Gamepad Moto Mod is another newcomer to the family, which Moto hopes will transform your Moto Z into a mobile gaming console by adding an integrated battery, physical controls that flank the phone’s display, and more.

These new Moto Mods are set to arrive in the first half of 2017.

If you own a Moto Z, do you use Moto Mods?

Source: Motorola

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