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Motorola shows concept Mods at Mod the Future hackathon, new LED notification Mod hits Indiegogo

The Moto Z supports a number of attachable accessories called Moto Mods. Rather than releasing its own mods and leaving it at that, Motorola opened up the platform to third-party developers and released a development kit for others to build their own Mods.

To foster this development, the company has been holding hackathons and encouraging people to make unique Mods. The latest was Mod the Future in San Francisco, which resulted in some interesting hardware being developed.

Another new Mod comes from Indiegogo and is called the Edge. It takes customizable LED notifications to a new level with an RGB strip around it that can show different colors and patterns to let you know what the notification is.

The Mod comes with a customizable app that allows you to customize notification depending on the app, time, and more. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes in two different models. The Edge Force has a built-in 2,000mAh battery and the Edge Air is thinner and includes wireless charging.


This Mod is selling for $59 plus shipping on Indiegogo with an early bird special also available. It’s a third of the way to its $15,000 goal and should ship in July if funded. Of course, delays happen all the time with crowd funded projects. Hit the source links for more info and to fund the Edge if you’re interested!

Source: Motorola Blog, Indiegogo: Edge
Via: Phandroid

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