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OnePlus releases Valentine’s Day ad showing people licking their 3T

The title is no joke. OnePlus has released a new ad for Valentine’s Day and it’s interesting, to say the least. It’s a video of people confessing their love for their OnePlus 3T in a way that sounds like they’re talking to a person.

If that wasn’t enough, it devolves into the people licking their phones. If you want to see extreme close-ups of licking one of the most unsanitary things we own, then give it a shot. The video is worth an uncomfortable chuckle at the least. Let’s just hope they don’t get any spit on their phone. After all, it’s technically not water resistant.

OnePlus is also holding a contest for you to win two OnePlus 3Ts. Hit the source link to enter! And if you’re planning on picking up a 3T today, you can get a True Love bundle for 40% off that contains a protective case and the Bullet V2 earphones.

Source: OnePlus Lick of Love Contest

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