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Oppo shows off slim 5x zoom camera setup


A second camera sensor for optical zoom isn’t anything new in smartphones, but usually it’s limited to 2x zoom. LG has been using a zoom sensor for a while, and the iPhone 7 Plus has a second 2x zoom sensor as well.

Oppo has taken it a step further and announced a new 5x optical zoom setup. It’s not currently being used in any device, but it likely will be in the future.

To reduce bulk, Oppo mounted the sensor sideways and used optics to take a photo at a 90 degree angle. This allows for the use of a series of lenses without adding thickness.

While 2x zoom isn’t very useful, 5x zoom definitely could be. Oppo’s implementation is definitely unique and interesting and we can’t wait to see it in a smartphone. It should be in a flagship this year!

Via: Android Central

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