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Samsung Galaxy S8 eyewitness render leak shows off soft edge

Galaxy S8 CNET render2

Recently, a leaked photo reportedly surfaced that showed off the front and back of the upcoming Galaxy S8 from Samsung. There were plenty of specs to go along with the picture, outlining a high-end flagship from the company that’s looking to make a strong comeback after last year’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Now CNET Korea has a report that aims to strengthen those earlier reports while showing off “eyewitness renders” of what the handset will look like.

There are several different images, including some that show the expected dimensions of the Galaxy S8. The renders, which were created by CNET based off eyewitness reports, do show that the fingerprint reader will indeed be on the back of the GS8, flanking the camera near the top edge.


The front of the handset exposed in the renders is probably the most curious, because it shows a “soft edge” where it was believed that the Galaxy S8 would have a much more prominent curved display panel, like the Galaxy S7 edge. These renders tell us the edge might not be that big.

There’s a single button on the right edge, which is more than likely a power/standby key, and then there are three buttons on the left edge, too. The volume rocker is the bigger set, while the button below that is more than likely the physical key meant to activate Bixby, Samsung’s artificial intelligence set to debut on the Galaxy S8.

Finally, the renders confirm the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

What do you think of these renders? Are you hoping the final design lines up?

Source: CNET Korea

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