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Samsung Gear VR gains a controller


Today turned out to be a pretty big day for Samsung at MWC 2017. In addition to introducing a new Android tablet and teasing its next flagship, the company debuted a new controller for the Gear VR.

The Gear VR with Controller is a bundle that includes a Gear VR headset and a wireless controller. That controller includes a touchpad and Home, Volume, and Back buttons, letting you use those features with the controller in your hand rather than making you reach up to your headset overtime you want to use them.

The controller, which runs on AAA batteries, also includes a wrist strap so that you don’t accidentally send it flying during a gaming session.

Oculus, who Samsung has partnered with on the Gear VR, says that there are more than 70 new controller titles in development. All of the existing touchpad apps will also work with the new controller.

The Gear VR headset itself seems to be similar to the one that Samsung launched late last year, offering 42mm lenses, a 101-degree field of view, and both microUSB and USB Type-C support.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Gear VR, it may be worth holding out for this model, because the addition of the controller seems like it’d make using the Gear VR quite a bit easier. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the Gear VR with Controller will launch, so for now we’ll just have to wait for Samsung to spill the beans. Maybe it’ll happen on March 29?

Source: Samsung

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