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Samsung Pay Mini unveiled, will work on all Android phones


Samsung launched mobile payment service Samsung Pay in March of 2015, and ever since it has been working on gaining adoption from banks and businesses and rolling out new features to make the service attractive to customers.

Now, in an effort to draw even more attention to its mobile payment platform, Samsung is rolling out Samsung Pay Mini. With it, users can use a new app to pay for goods securely. It’s available on Android devices with Android 5.0 or later and a display resolution of 1280×720 or higher.

With Samsung Pay Mini, users get access to Samsung Pay transportation, membership, and lifestyle services. There will also be a new feature called Shopping which will allow users to connect directly with local online shopping services that have partnered with Samsung. This feature is coming to the regular Samsung Pay option as well.

It should be noted that with Samsung Pay Mini, users won’t be able to make offline payments at retailers.

Samsung Pay Mini launches in a beta form on February 6, and it will fully roll out in South Korea sometime in the first quarter.


Source: Samsung

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