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Snap Inc. soon going public, realizes Snapchat for Android sucks


It’s no surprise to most people that Snapchat for Android is a very poorly made app. Between extreme lag, crashes, freezing, and terrible photo quality is a halfway decent social network. It’s very unfortunate the app is so terrible.

However, it seems that Snap Inc., the company that makes Snapchat, realizes this. The company has filed for Initial Public Offering and is planning to go public in March, and the official filing had some mentions of Android.

The majority of our user engagement is on smartphones with iOS operating systems. As a result, although our products work with Android mobile devices, we have prioritized development of our products to operate with iOS operating systems rather than smartphones with Android operating systems. To continue growth in user engagement, we will need to prioritize development of our products to operate on smartphones with Android operating systems. If we are unable to improve operability of our products on smartphones with Android operating systems, and those smartphones become more popular and fewer people use smartphones with iOS operating systems, our business could be seriously harmed.

[...] Additionally, in mid-2016, we launched several products and released multiple updates, which introduced a number of technical issues that diminished the performance of our application. We believe these performance issues resulted in a reduction in the growth of our Daily Active Users, particularly among Android users and regions with a higher percentage of Android devices.

It looks like Snap knows that its app isn’t good on our operating system. Hopefully this means that it will be fixed, since a publicly traded company generally faces a lot more pressure to succeed.

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