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Sprint uses Super Bowl LI commercial to dig at Verizon as it extends $50 unlimited plan promo

Sprint Car ad

For the folks out there who like watching the Super Bowl for its commercials and movie trailers, the internet has made it increasingly harder to keep those things a surprise for the Big Game.

Even Sprint wants to show the world its Super Bowl commercial before the Super Bowl happens. Today, the Now Network unveiled its Super Bowl LI ad, which is meant to depict a Verizon Wireless customer (who doesn’t actually admit they are a Verizon customer) who fakes their own death to get away from those expensive bills.

The ad is entitled “Car,” and you can watch it below:

The other announcement from Sprint today consists of a promo extension. At the end of January, Sprint unveiled a $50 unlimited plan promotion that was meant to last only four days. Sprint will bring the promo back beginning February 3.

The promo sees Sprint subscribers get the network’s standard unlimited plan for $50 per month for the first line, which is down from the normal $60 per month the carrier usually charges. The plan includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited optimized data access. That means you’ll be able to stream an unlimited amount of video at up to 480p resolution, streaming games up to 2Mbps, and streaming music up to 500Kbps. Customers can get two unlimited lines for $90 per month, with each subsequent line costing $30 per month.

The promotional pricing lasts until March 31, 2018, when it will revert back to $60 per month.

What do you think of that ad?

Via: Sprint ($50 promo)

Source: Sprint (Car)

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