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Verizon introduces 2GB prepaid plan

Verizon Prepaid Stock Photo Image via: Verizon

Verizon has announced a 2GB plan that will be added to its prepaid offerings. This plan includes unlimited talk and text, plus 2GB of Always-On Data, which swaps overage charges for throttling after a customer reaches their data limit. Additionally, unlimited international texting to over 200 countries is included, as well as carryover data for those who don’t always use their full allotment.

Verizon’s prepaid offerings also include a 5GB plan for $50 and 10GB for $70. A talk and text only plan is available for $30 per month, too.

This new 2GB plan doesn’t offer great value, but is designed for the small group of customers that occasionally use data, but not enough to warrant a larger 5GB or 10GB plan. By offering a smaller plan, Verizon is able to better cater to the typically budget-oriented individuals that use prepaid plans.

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Source: Verizon

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