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Verizon launches an unlimited data plan

Verizon Unlimited

One of the key elements missing from the Verizon Wireless offering plate has been unlimited data, despite the fact its major competitors have the option ready to go for subscribers.

That finally changed today, as Verizon has launched a new unlimited plan. It is aptly named “Verizon Unlimited,” and customers get unlimited LTE data, talk, and text, all for $80 per month for a single line. Lines two through four are $45 per line (with Auto Pay switched on, and paperless billing), with lines five through ten priced at $20 per line.

Verizon does note that any subscriber that uses more than 22GB of data per month could get throttled for the rest of the period, if the network in their area is congested. Verizon says this is meant to help with network management.

On to pof all that, Verizon Unlimited subscribers will get 10GB of LTE data per month for mobile hotspot, with speed getting reduced to 3G if you go over. Customers can also add connected devices, like the new Wear24, for only $10 per month.

What do you think? Better late than never?

Source: Verizon Wireless

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