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ZTE Hawkeye Kickstarter officially canceled


Back in January, ZTE posted a couple of updates on its Kickstarter page for Project CSX Hawkeye, one on the positive side of things and another that looked gloomy.

It turns out that things didn’t work out so well for ZTE on its crowdfunding project. As of today, the Project CSX Hawkeye Kickstarter has been canceled, with all contributing funds being refunded to backers.

ZTE still plans to bring the Hawkeye to life, though, saying that they will be working hard on bringing a high-end device with eye-tracking technology included. It isn’t a secret that many backers thought the Hawkeye was a bit too mid-range, so it’s good to see ZTE doubling down on improving the handset.

There’s no expected launch date for the Hawkeye at this point, but hopefully the manufacturer has more to announce soon enough.

Source: ZTE Kickstarter

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