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Facebook Messenger gets mentions and message reactions in new update

Facebook Messenger reactions

Facebook Messenger is now being updated with a bunch of new features that are sure to be useful. Facebook has announced that the app will now have mentions and message reactions both in private chats and in group chats.

Mentions allows you to write an @ symbol and start typing a name to mention someone. The other person will see the text highlighted and get a notification, though the message will appear as normal for everyone else in the chat.

Message reactions allow you to long press messages and select an emotion to reply with, such as love or surprise. You can see who reacted to messages and a notification will be sent when your message is reacted to. There’s also a little animation that plays.

These new features are definitely an improvement, and Facebook has been on a roll with useful new features. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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