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New Urbanears Stammen, Baggen Bluetooth speakers come with Chromecast support


Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but the new Stammen  and Baggen from Urbanears are meant to stand out from the crowd. Color options include Dirty Pink, Vinyl Black, Plant Green, Concrete Grey, Goldfish Orange and Indigo Blue, allowing the speakers to perfectly match your space and style. But the two speakers have more to offer than just their looks. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, Urbanears has given the Stammen and Baggen the full built-in Chromecast treatment, allowing you and anyone on your WiFi network to instantly stream music from any app which supports the Chromecast streaming protocol. 

But that’s not all.

If you have more than one, the speakers can also be synced, allowing you to play the same music in multiple rooms around your house. The Stammen  and Baggen speakers also work with the Urbanears app, giving you full control over speaker grouping, equalizer settings and more. The speakers themselves have two physical dials which give you the ability to quickly stop and start your music, switch between Solo to Multi Mode, adjust the volume or select between seven different presets. 

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The $350 price point of the Stammen and $450 price of the Baggen may seem a bit high, but the price is in line with other speakers on the market which offer similar functionality. 

Source: Urbanears

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