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FreedomPop V7 features 5-inch display, 13MP camera

FreedomPop V7

FreedomPop, already known for having a free smartphone plan, is rolling out its first branded smartphone.

It’s called the FreedomPop V7, and it’s an entry-level handset that boasts a price tag of £59 ($72 USD). As such, its spec list is toned down to match. It includes a 5-inch 720p HD display, a 13-megapixel camera on the back, a VGA front-facing shooter, and 16GB of built-in storage. There’s a microSD card slot for expandable storage, 1GB of RAM, and a 2100mAh battery. It supports two SIM cards and it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor.

The FreedomPop V7 is only available in the United Kingdom and Spain, and in limited quantities. You can pick one up from

FreedomPop is keeping costs down, and their new handset probably won’t break the bank for anyone trying to find a cheap way to stay connected.

Via: Engadget

Source: FreedomPop

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