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Google adds tappable shortcuts to Search app

Google Search Tappable Shortcuts

Apps make a lot of things easier, and for folks that use the Google app on their smartphone, Google wants to make getting to information and tools a bit faster.

The Google app’s new feature is called “tappable shortcuts,” and it will help users get news from a variety of categories, including sports and entertainment, and info on things like nearby ATMs. The new feature will be available on the Google app for Android and iOS as well as on the mobile website.

Users will initially see just a few of these tappable shortcuts on the home screen, but the full list is just a tap away. For Android users, the Google app has some added extras right up front, including the ability to quickly launch Google Translate, information on flights, hotels, nearby attractions, an internet speed test, games like Tic Tac Toe, and even a currency converter.

At launch, tappable shortcuts are available only in the United States. Google doesn’t say when the tappable shortcuts will find their way to other countries.

Via: Google Blog

Source: Google Search (Play Store)

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