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Google Family Link app lets parents keep tabs on their kids’ device usage


Google wants to make it a little easier for parents to keep tabs on their kids’ usage with their devices, and that’s where Family Link.

Google today announced the brand new app, which will let parents keep track of a variety of different aspects of a child’s device usage. That includes screen time, managing app availability, and even giving the device a bedtime. To use the app, you and your kid will need Android 7.0 devices.┬áThe parent will create a Google Account for the kid directly through the app.

Once that’s done, the parent will be able to do the following:

  • Manage apps: Parents can approve or block apps their kid(s) want to download from the Google Play Store.
  • Manage screen time: Parents can set daily screen time limits and even keep tabs with weekly and monthly reports to see which apps are getting used the most.
  • Device bedtime: Parents can remotely lock the device their kid is using.

The Family Link app is only available in the United States right now, and it’s accessible only through an invite system, which you can access through this link. Google says it will be asking for feedback from parents that try out the app and will improve the experience from here on out.

If you’ve got kids, is this something you’re going to try out?

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Source: Google Blog

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