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Google takes on April Fools’ Day early with Google Gnome, Ms. PAC-Maps, and Google Wind

Google always does something fun for April Fools’ Day. This year the company announced an outdoor companion to your Google Home called the Google Gnome. The Gnome lives in your backyard and gives you outdoor related info as well as controlling your gardening tools through the power of magic. Watch the video Google has posted about the Gnome.

Google also announced Ms. PAC-Maps, a Ms. PAC-Man game using Google Maps. You can play it on Android, iOS, and the desktop until April 4. There is an extra button to enable the game and it works pretty well on mobile. Give it a shot!

Lastly, Google showed of Google Wind, which can control weather in the Netherlands using existing windmills to blow bad weather away. It’s a cute video.

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