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Google’s Uptime will let you watch YouTube videos with friends

Google Uptime

Area 120 was created by Google last year, and it allows employees to use their “20 percent time” on approved side projects. Now, a group out of Area 120 has officially launched an app called Uptime. With it, users will be able to connect with friends, find new ones, and watch YouTube videos together. While they watch the videos, users can comment in real-time while adding sparkles and stickers to spruce up the viewing experience.

Users can search for video content within the Uptime app, which also makes it possible to find new friends to watch those videos based on “common connections within Uptime.” The app makes it possible to get notifications from friends when they’ve discovered a new video that they want you to watch, too.

It’s worth noting right about now that Uptime is only available right now for the iPhone. You’ll need to sign into your Google Account to get it to work on that iPhone, and there’s no word on when it will be rolling out to Android users. If you’ve got an iPhone and want to try the app, you can get it from the App Store here, and you can get an invite code from @uptimeApp on Twitter.

One has to wonder if this feature is being developed for the standard YouTube experience, though. If it is, would you approve?

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Source: Uptime (iTunes Store)

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