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Instagram adds ability to save Live Videos

Instagram Live2

It wasn’t long ago that Instagram rolled out the ability to live stream video, and since then, the feature has begun to be utilized for a variety of uses. A particular downside, however, presented itself in the fact that Live Videos couldn’t be saved, which could pose an issue if someone live streamed, for example, a surprise birthday celebration. With a new update, Instagram is fixing that issue.

At the end of live broadcasts, users will now be presented with an option to save their video. It should be noted that this feature saves only the video, not the likes, comments, number of viewers, or other live interactions. The video will be saved to a user’s camera roll, leaving them the option to keep it as a memory or share it through other means, which can be important if something unique or exciting takes place during the broadcast.

Instagram has promised to continue improving Live Videos throughout the year, so stay tuned for additional tweaks and features.

Source: Instagram

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