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Next Google Pixel phones reportedly codenamed ‘Walleye’ and ‘Muskie’


Google has confirmed there will be a Pixel 2 arriving this year and it will be a premium handset. Now, thanks to a new report from Android Police, we may know the codenames for not just one new Pixel smartphone, but two.

The first Pixel 2 codename is “Walleye,” and unfortunately, that’s all the info that today’s report has to give us about the device. It is expected that the Walleye is the smaller of two new handsets.

Walleye AOSP documents

That other Pixel smartphone is reportedly codenamed “Muskie.” Information on this handset is also scarce at this point.

So, codenames to go along with expectations, but that’s about it. If you bought a Pixel last year, do you plan on upgrading this year?

Source: Android Police

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