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Photos leaked of AKG earphones to be included with Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung-galaxy-s8-akg-earphone 1

It was previously rumored that Samsung will include AKG earphones with the Galaxy S8. AKG is a subsidiary of the Samsung-owned Harmon, which makes premium audio gear (including some audiophile classics like the K702).

Instead of the mediocre earphones you usually get with phones, you’ll be getting these. These leaked photos show off the AKG designed earphones that will be in the box. They have a three-button remote and even a braided cable.

They definitely look more premium than other included headphones, but it remains to be seen if they sound good. If they do, it might bring quite a few people into the world of decent audio.

samsung-galaxy-s8-akg-earphone 2

Via: Phandroid

Source: GiggleHD

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