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Samsung announces DeX dock pre-orders for $150

Samsung DeX dock Phandroid

The Samsung DeX dock is an intriguing accessory for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The phone inserts into the dock via USB Type-C and is transformed into a PC of sorts.

The dock features two USB ports, an HDMI port, a USB Type-C port for power, and an Ethernet port to give you the full PC setup with keyboard and mouse. There’s also a fan behind the phone to keep it cool. With the DeX interface open, you can open multiple apps in different windows as well as access a virtual desktop of your main computer.

The dock is now up for pre-order for $149.99 and will launch late April, probably around the same time as the S8 itself. Samsung isn’t the first to try something like this (the Motorola Atrix comes to mind), but it might be the first to make a successful product. What do you think of the DeX? Will you be picking one up? Leave a comment!

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