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Samsung to sell refurbished Note 7s


Samsung has announced that it will be recycling recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices, including selling or renting select refurbished models. The possibility of selling refurbished Note 7 devices has been bandied around, but the company has now confirmed it as part of a three-pronged plan to deal with the large amount of Note 7 devices that were recalled.

While some devices (with new batteries) will be sold or rented as refurbished devices, Samsung will also be recycling devices that can’t be resold. Any salvageable components will be detached for reuse, and processes such as metals extraction will be performed using environmentally-friendly methods.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed release dates or markets for refurbished Galaxy Note 7s. The company will be consulting with local regulatory authorities and performing market analysis to estimate demand for the refurbished devices. More details will be announced in the near future.

Source: Samsung

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