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Some Pixel phones suffering from microphone issues, confirms Google


Have a Google Pixel? If so, there’s a new issue that you should be aware of.

Google has confirmed that some Pixels are affected by microphone issues. There are a couple of known causes of the mic problems, with the first being a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec. This issue is transient, meaning that it may be temporarily fixed based on temperature changes or the way that you hold your phone.

Google says that this problem is popping up in less than one percent of phones and typically happens after months of use. It may be caused by dropping the phone, even if there’s no visible damage to the device.

The other issue is related to a faulty microphone and typically shows up as the constant failure of a single mic. This one is a bit rarer than the hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.

If you’ve got a microphone issue with your Pixel, Google recommends that you reach out for a replacement. If you bought your phone from Google, you can reach out to the company’s support and they should help you process a return. If you bought your Pixel from another retailer, you should contact the retailer that you bought your phone from. Google can help, too, but the return could take longer because Google will need to verify that it’s a legit return of a Pixel before shipping you a replacement.

Having a faulty microphone can be a big problem. Even if you don’t regularly use your phone for calls, a faulty mic can make it difficult to use features like Google Assistant. The good news is that Google has reinforced the connection of the microphone in phones manufactured since January, so newer Pixels shouldn’t have any mic issues. If you’ve got an older Pixel with microphone problems, though, you should probably try to get a replacement.

Source: Google

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