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T-Mobile ONEsie launches for $40

T-Mobile ONEsie

Wearables are still a big focus for companies, from smartwatches to fitness accessories. And now T-Mobile has really gone all-in with the idea.

It’s the T-Mobile ONEsie, and, yes, it’s real. This is one part April Fool’s Day joke and one part an actual thing you can buy and put on your body. As you can see from the image, it’s a giant onesie, it’s magenta in color (to match the Uncarrier’s signature shade), and T-Mobile says it is designed “for a relaxed fit and runs slightly large.” And you can have it for $40.

The commercial that T-Mobile put together has the ONEsie doing a lot of things, like working as a mobile hotspot and monitoring all your exercises. However, none of those things are actually part of the ONEsie. You do get two front pockets and a sleeve pocket for your smartphone, though,

T-Mobile also notes that orders for the ONEsie placed between March 31 and April 6 will begin shipping on April 7.

So, welcome to the April Fool’s Day weekend celebration, apparently. Who’s buying a $40 T-Mobile ONEsie?

Source: T-Mobile

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