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Twitter rolling out better muting features in new safety controls

Twitter safety controls

Twitter has heard the feedback when it comes to abuse on the social networking platform and has been working to make changes to improve filtering, muting, and more.

Now Twitter has announced that it is improving its safety controls once again, with the new features beginning to roll out today. First, Twitter will make it easier to mute based on specific parameters, including the ability to completely mute accounts that have only the default egg avatar. Users can also mute a user if they have not verified their phone number or their email.

Additionally, Twitter will send immediate in-app notifications to users when they have levied a complaint against another account, informing them that the complaint has been received. That user will receive another notification if/when action is taken against the abuser.

Twitter still has a long way to go to truly tackle abuse on its platform, but at least some changes are being implemented.

Source: Twitter

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