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Vertu purchased by secretive Turkish businessman for £50 million

Vertu Signature Touch (4)

Vertu is known for making premium and ridiculously expensive smartphones with crazy features like sapphire displays, fine leather covers, and jewels worth tens of thousands of dollars. And as of late, the phones even came with some pretty good specs on the inside.

The company has been purchased by Hakan Uzan from Godwin Holdings, a Chinese company, for £50 million  Uzan is a Turkish businessman who has a very interesting and checkered past. His family was accused of fraud by Nokia, who is ironically the founder of Vertu.

Vertu has been struggling to turn a profit in recent years, so a new owner might be what the company needs. Despite the crazy prices, there will always be a market for high-end, exclusive goods. Hopefully we can see such an interesting company survive.

Source: The Telegraph

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