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Alphabet’s Verily introduces smartwatch that exclusively tracks health for studies


Verily is a health-focused company owned by Alphabet, and it’s released a smartwatch unlike most you’ve seen. Rather than focus on displaying info and providing functionality, the Study Watch collects and stores important health data for health studies.

The smartwatch has a week-long battery life to encourage its use and collects data from sensors like electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, electrodermal activity, inertial movement, and more. It stores and encrypts data on internal storage big enough for a few weeks of data so syncing often is not required.

The Verily Study Watch’s display is a low energy, high resolution panel that remains always on. It displays time and instructions, but the company is clear that it won’t display any other information like notifications. The watch also supports firmware updates so Verily can improve it over time.

While this isn’t the kind of smartwatch you’ll be buying, it’s an interesting look into what Alphabet’s companies are doing. A fully health focused watch is a great idea and the Study Watch actually looks very nice. The watch is already on track for being used in many studies in the near future.

Source: Verily Blog

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