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Amazon announces Echo Look, an Echo with a camera that takes photos of your outfits

Usually, web-connected home cameras are used for surveillance and security. Amazon is taking a different approach, though, with its announcement of the Echo Look.

The Echo Look is an Echo with a camera. It acts like a regular Echo with Amazon Alexa built-in, but the biggest difference is the fashion-focused features the camera adds. You can take photos of your outfit every day, and the depth sensor allows you to blur the background and you can also enable a live view so you can see the back of your outfit. You can share photos of your outfit through a connected smartphone.

The smarter features of the camera include Smart Check, which uses machine learning to pick the best outfit that flatters you and matches current trends. It also keeps a log of your daily outfits so you can pick your favorites.

Whether this feature set is useful or important to people remains to be seen, as demonstrated by the many dislikes on the video. However, you can hit the source link and request an invite to buy one of these devices for yourself for $200.

Via: Engadget

Source: Amazon

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