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Class action lawsuit against LG now covers Nexus 5X, G5, and V20


There is currently a class action lawsuit against LG over the V10 and G4, alleging that the devices have manufacturer defects that cause slowdowns, freezes, and bootloops. The suit claims that LG would replace devices and the replacements would do the same, and LG wouldn’t cover these problems out of warranty despite them being a known defect.

Now a few more¬†devices have been added to the lawsuit. The Nexus 5X, G5, and V20¬†are now covered, since they too have had some form of bootlooping and slowdown issues. It’s theorized that the processors are inadequately soldered to the board, causing poor contacts and various usability problems due to heat.

While problems like these are never good, at least the people experiencing them are getting attention and a response from the company.

Source: Ars Technica

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